Our purpose is to provide care for children between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Our services are administered with the total development of the child in mind.  Our five areas of concentration are as follows:


We feel that a basic trust in God is essential to a complete and happy life.  We believe His Son, Jesus, lived the only perfect life, and we will introduce the children to these precepts through our Bible stories, songs, prayers, and other structured activities.  We will try to demonstrate Christian living through all interaction with the children, showing love and good attitudes.


We will try to teach the children to live together peacefully, to take turns, to share, to consider other’s feelings, and to develop a social sensitivity.


There will be a planned program for each age group that is motivational and challenging.  This will be enriched through educational toys, puzzles, art experiences, audio-visual aids, and the “A BEKA BOOK” educational program.


We will provide an atmosphere of love and understanding and a close relationship between child and leader.  A schedule will be followed as closely as possible each day so that the child will have a good idea of what happens next.  Through these efforts we hope to provide the child with a sense of security, self-identity, and self-reliance.


We seek to provide a safe environment and guard against ill health.  The children will be served breakfast if they arrive before 8:30 a.m., a hot well-balanced lunch, and a nutritious snack in the afternoon.  We will encourage the children to participate in organized physical activities.  Weather permitting, the children will play outside each day.  A rest or naptime will be planned after lunch.